Thursday, March 18, 2010

Half sick of shadows

The days are growing longer right along with our shadows.

I have so many papers to grade and zero motivation. I'm going to try some little mini games/goals to keep myself going, and I'm open to the idea of an all-nighter. I just want to be done by Sunday.

The fact that I never really left education is responsible for the antsy feeling I get every spring. I begin to count the days to summer right along with the kids. Only this year, I have to work the summer to make enough for the boys' schooling next year. Or to help, anyway.

I wish I had something witty to say or something interesting to add, but mostly I'm feeling nervous and a little down. Sometimes it seems I'll never get that break I need to get into full time work. Every spring, they hire, and I try, but. Well, it just doesn't seem to be in God's plan for me.

Maybe this year?


  1. Hang in there!!!! I could see how that would make you feel a little down, and itching for summer to roll around and now it's all for nothing! Hopefully things start to look up!!

  2. I would find this all meaningless and yucky if it weren't about making a better life for kids. What you are doing is noble, and the struggle gives it that much more meaning.

    About tomorrow, I don't think I can talk. I've been given a ton of design freelance work to do, and I'll be working most of the day.


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