Friday, March 12, 2010

Are you the next Stephenie Meyer?

You know what? It's not a dark Friday. It's a clear and friendly day. I'm going to exercise and eat a salad, clean the bathroom and grade five papers.

If you want some good bloggin' check out Megan Rebekah's thoughts on "The Next Big Thing."


  1. Thanks for the linkage.
    Lucky you, not having a dark Friday. It's not as gloomy today as it was yesterday, but it's still grey and rainy and gross. I'm definitely looking forward to going up and putting my feet up with either my WIP or a good book.

    How's your writing progress coming along?

  2. You didn't want advice, but I'll tell you what sometimes works for me (re: 2 posts ago): brushing my teeth after dinner. :-) I usually give myself an hour or so to allow myself some chai or a snack, but when I'm done, I make my mouth feel clean and don't want to ruin it again before breakfast.


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