Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The truth is always clearest at night

The truth is, I'm too busy. I like being busy, but this is getting a little out of control. My papers aren't getting graded, my house is messy, and my obligations to friends are just... not happening. But I'm being a good mom, and for some reason, that's been a full time job lately.

And it's actually not in spite of but more because of this fact that I scheduled a haircut for myself on Thursday. Do I have time for this? Not really. I would say that my weekend might be nice, since I have to have the grading done by then, but I have a conference for school on Saturday, church on Sunday, and back to the same old, same old on Monday. I'm a rubber band pulled to the breaking point, hopefully popping back into my circular shape soon. (And it's circular, folks.)

Tonight, I feel sleep pulling me, a gentle tug of the shoulder and the eyelids, and I can't wait to give in, roll over, and let myself go.

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