Sunday, February 7, 2010

Denial Blankets All

If wanting to spend just one day under the covers doing absolutely nothing is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

But seriously, it's always February. This is the month that, as much I love the snow, the lack of sunshine and the hectic schedule make me want to hop a plane to somewhere tropic... or just stay in bed for a day, forgetting all obligations. Which I can't. I have 29 papers to grade before Monday evening, which is actually doable, I think. Of course I collect 25 more papers on Monday and another 12 papers on Wednesday this week. And I'm pretty sure both online courses have papers due this week too... Ugh. Bed, covers, and blankety layers of denial, please.

The thing is, I'm not sad... but I would like to sleep and eat junk food and sort of ignore the world a bit. Is this depression or just the winter blues or something even more benign like wanting a day of pure rest? Is that really so wrong?

How do you cope with the winter blues?


  1. Well there is a lot of truth to needing that "day of rest" thing. I hope you can get one in soon.

    I don't have winter blues. I have summer blues, lol.

  2. If I catch the blues--and they're easy to catch this time of year--I try to do something to break out of my normal schedule. If I've been sleeping in late, I get up really early. If I've been going to bed on time, I stay up past bedtime.

    That seems to change my outlook somehow. And then I can get back to business.

  3. I would say a mixture of winter blues & wanting a pure day of rest!

    When I lived in Iowa the snow was something that was nice but I wanted to disappear after Christmas, in Texas I'm glad I don't have to worry about that!

  4. This might be strange, but years ago you wrote a poem on xanga that i absolutely loved, and so i printed out a copy and added it to my fav. poem collection. Well, i seem to have lost my copy and hard as i try, i can't seem to remember the whole thing. By any chance do you still remember it? It would mean a great deal if you still did.

    "oh i want magic and dancing and ice cream with sprinkles, I want to see you pulled, bent, stretched, wrinkled, made into something new, but keeping your same old heart, and inside, my same old room....."


  5. I call it me time and I love it. I love to hang out, sit and relax and let things go for a bit. And after I've laid low for a while, I'm ready to get busy. Whatever it is, I say don't worry about it, just go with it. Take a mini vacation and enjoy.

  6. Well, after spending three hours in the past two days trying to get my van out of two driveways, I would say I'm not coping very well with the winter blues. I keep looking at the average temperatures in March and April to give myself a glimmer of hope that warmth is coming.


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