Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Confession is good for the nerdy soul

You leave for a bit and people join up! I should vacate more often. ;) Haha, welcome to those of you just joining us. This blog is a mish-mash of various what-nots and flibberty-bits. They are the creation of someone with a limited attention span who runs after the shineys.

So. The thing is, I'm a nerd. We writers, well, most of us are nerds. We like sci-fi, enjoy books over movies, and often spend our time with ink spattered on our hands. But I'm a special kind of nerd... this past weekend, I went to Ohayocon, a convention for those (obsessed with) interested in manga and anime, which is Japanese comic books and cartoons.

Yes, I know. *runs after readers* But it's not that bad! I didn't dress up... like these folks:

The Mad Hatter. My friend said his costume is patterened after the new hatter for the movie set to come out with Johnny Depp as the hatter. I loved the comittment of carrying the teacup and saucer around with him all day.

Power Rangers! These guys were a trip and a half. I was taking their pic as they came down the escalator you see behind them, and when they spotted me with the camera, they came running straight at me, one by one, sliding into the position you see here. It was amazing.

These are characters from a video game that I love-- the one in green is my good friend, the one I spent the weekend with. We spent about 3 hours getting her hair dyed the appropriate green and pinning her into her costume. Commitment, folks.

And this is my favorite of the weekend-- he was in character every time we ran into him, smacking his lips and talking in a perfect joker voice. We were in the elevator with him and some other folks at one point, and one of the guys pointed to his friend and said, "He wants to know how you got those scars..." hahaha, wonderful.

The thing about Ohaycon-- this unique shared interest turns 10,000 strangers into hugging (glomping-- anime word for big ol' surprise hug) comrades. There is a level of acceptance here for folks that many most likely don't feel in real life. It's a trip.

Next year? Next year... I might actually join them in dressing up and playing a part for the day. I'm considering this costume because she's a mother of two boys (as am I) and it seems like it'd be fairly easy to make:

And finally, no anime con post is complete without the obligatory peace sign and kitty ears:
Oh hush, you know you wish you were this (crazy) uninhibited.

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  1. It looks like fun. I'd got to one, someday. And that costume would be a CINCH to sew.


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