Saturday, January 16, 2010

Of pity parties, being honest, and neurotic thoughts

First, here's the state of me today: I've been watching movies all day and feeling sorry for myself. What I really want is some good chocolate. And honestly, I'm so sore from starting this new workout that I literally can't raise my hands higher than my head.

Also. You know how they say that anyone that begins with "Honestly" or "To be completely honest" is most likely about to lie to you? Well. I say that and I'm not lying. I use it for emphasis, when I'm worried someone won't understand how important what I'm saying is.

Watching Adaptation, and his neurotic thoughts are so... familiar? Haha. Writers are freaks. But it's all good.


  1. Or on a more political vein, "Let me be perfectly clear" is invariable followed by much wordy obfusification! (Spell check doesn't know this word.. did I make it up? Misspell it? Teach me to try to comment on an English prof's blog.)

  2. That is absolutely a word! And a 50 cent one at least. ;)


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