Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm missing the montage

You know those moments in the movie when the heroine has this huge epiphany that something has to change or happen, so she's exercising, writing, reading, cleaning, or just overall bettering herself? It's always set to something fast and happy, an "I can do this" feeling to the beat. And the months of hard work, sweat, and toil are combined into about 2 minutes worth of smiles, back thumps, and skippy music.

It's montage time, and I can't hear the music anymore. I want a two-minute speed up where I lose the weight, write the novel and completely organize and clean my house in a matter of 2-3 minutes all to... how about "Jump" by Madonna? That's about a fresh start...

The truth is, there are no montages in real life. It's every day boredom and pushing yourself when the last thing you want to do is pick up a barbell or sit down to a white computer screen. Why do I dread the writing? By my own admission, I love to write, but writing a novel, taking on a project, that requires discipline. I can't just get a random weird idea and run with it for a paragraph or two, then post it on my xanga and sit back and relax; these characters need to grow and change, the pace has to be tight, the dialogue realistic. And, oh, yeah, I should vaguely know where they're going.

Discipline. It's the key to any success, small or big. And it's more than hard work, it's an attitude of commitment; a choice to do what needs to be done, even when it doesn't feel that great.

So. That's my New Year's res. To jump in and become a part of the montage. To be disciplined and stick with the 4-6 month plan and build these dreams, block by block, into reality.

Did you make any?


  1. That is a great resolution. Really gets to the heart of it.

    I am going to lose this stupid fat on my hips and lower back. It's only 5-10 pounds, but it's coming off ASAP. Other than that, I don't have a resolution. Well I have one, but it's kind of personal. Maybe later I can share/blog.

  2. I would love a montage right about now! My sister got engaged on New Year's Eve, so I have a tangible goal for weight loss. Yay!

  3. A photomontage (movie?) would be a longer blush of time for me than you. You don't have to look very far back to see your 'goal'. Reach for it. Be healthy.

  4. The montage idea made me laugh. That's the brilliant Mr. Alfred Hitchcock said: "Stories are like life, with the boring parts taken out" or something to that effect. Good luck on your res.


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