Saturday, January 23, 2010

A disorganized mind makes for a disorganized life

I'm falling behind on everything- friends, obligations, work, writing. It's all beginning to unravel. Still, I have this ridiculous optimism that if I just buckle down and work hard enough, keep a list and check things off, I'll be fine soon enough.

Beginning with grading. I've spent the last two days cleaning and shopping and preparing for a couple of upcoming visits, beginning with my friend this coming weekend and culminating in my sisters and mom coming to spend the night and see Wicked in February.

But right now, the grading is behind. I really need to finish this stuff by Wednesday... NEED to.

I wish I could do work but on my own time table... then again, look how that's worked out for me on the book. Maybe instead everything of any importance should have someone keeping up with me, checking in on me, telling me that I won't get paid if I don't finish this chapter or that scene. Not a secretary, because I'd just be having her move all of my appointments, haha -- but a real life novel writing boss, who believes in me and keeps me motivated.

But that's not the way this works.

I have decided one thing today: Get a planner and USE IT.


  1. I'm surprised you've made it this long without a planner. My schedule is nothing compared to yours, and I'm forgetting stuff and feeling its absence.

  2. You know, I've purchased planners SO many times and then cannot seem to get into the habit of using the stupid things. Even when I was in grad school and working and had appts with the kids and everything, I tried one but never did get used to actually using it. It was hit or miss which didn't help at all. So, for now, I'm just trying to learn to write things down. Elementary, my dear.


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