Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Push your old numbers and let your house ring until I wake your ghost

I've been baking all day-- peanut butter blossoms and my famous soft sugar cookies. I'm tired. I got into mom and dad's jacuzzi tub and nearly fell asleep, this song playing on repeat on my headphones. Heaven.

I'm home, or the home that Wisconsin became when my parents moved here. Wherever my mother closes her eyes at night will always be home for me. I was raised (and still live) in Ohio, and I love the flat lands, the four seasons, the hills of Cincinnati. I plan to incorporate Ohio into my WIP, a chance to pay homage to the heartland.

Last night I dreamed about you-- yes you. It'd been forever, and our dream selves celebrated the unexpected reunion.

"You never come anymore," I whispered, leaning into your shoulder.

"It's not for lack of trying," you answered, glancing at the white drifts and falling flakes. "It's always easier to reach you here. You're closer here, you know."


  1. I've whispered those same words to an angel I know. Some people just stay in our hearts forever.
    Click for my holiday message!

  2. Holy moly, this song is amazing. Thank you for the link. I love his voice, and I love the sad tension in the song.

  3. Call me an old fogey (because I am a fogey, and older than you after all) but I like this version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq5NguyfTuo . The dude singing about the ghost doesn't really work in my head.

    "What's more pathetic," I asked, "that it took me this long to get here..."

    "Or," she interrupted, "that you thought I was someone else?"


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