Friday, December 11, 2009

Nothing's Fair in the Fifth Grade

I took my 10 year old to school today. He will be 11 in one week, but for now he is only 10, standing behind a table, his precious paper concotions and his dignity for sale at 25 cents a pop.
Why is it so hard to let them fall? My son's fifth grade does a "merchandise mart" project every year, where the students come up with a money plan, a product (which they have to make), then set up and sell them to the other kids at school. My son did orogami-- paper cranes-- and I hope he's doing well. There were projects there that I couldn't have done, and while I suppose it's possible a fifth grader made them, my money is on the kid's parents.

It's hard to think he might be sitting there, all of the kids passing his table up... I'm sure they're not. His cranes are neat, and we used foil paper, and...

If he comes home happy, a triumph. If not, a lesson learned? Like, don't wait to tell your mom about the major project the night before it's due?

I'd have used one of his for the pic, but our camera died this morning. >:[


  1. Aww, I bet his stuff is great. I'd buy one. :)

  2. hee, thanks Karen. He ended up selling out! He was a big hit. :)

  3. Yeah! It's because you used your head, or he did, or whatever. Sometimes you can do small stuff like that that's still COOL. It's amazing how people will throw money at stuff thinking more money is better. This reminds me of Hollywood. /essay


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