Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Finds

I bought my students some chocolates since I'm asking them to do a load of surveys for the writing school here in the English dep., and I keep wanting to snag some for myself. It's Dove milk chocolate, for Pete's sake. What was I thinking? As this article clearly outlines, it *is* an addiction because the cocoa hits our brain in much the same way crack does.

But let's not talk about my addictions. Let's talk about yours. Or, you know, the possibility of others...? Like, say, the tendency to over-read? C'mon we've all been there, late at night, candle in trembling hand-- er, lamp still on -- reading the latest book we've just got to finish before we can allow ourselves to sleep. However, in searching for an answer, the one I found seems to encourage reading... huh.

For those of you who tried NaNo and failed, I hear you. I knew it was folly during the month of November, so many family things (even in the beginning of the month because of my birthday) and the one school I was teaching at is on quarters, so they finished up the last week of November, but I went for it anyway. There's little consolation, but Megan Rebekah has an entry dedicated to letting NaNo down easy.

And life goes on. Next week, I sleep, I bake, I clean, I write.

Do you consider your reading habit an addiction? If so, is it possible some addictions are "good" for you?


  1. I don't think any addictions are good. Except possibly God, but that's so vague and broad you can't really call it an "addiction" then, and it's silly to say (but I had to say it before someone else did, saving myself that explanation, haha).

    Ummm. Yeah. I never thought of too much reading as harmful, but I guess it can be. It's along the same as playing WoW too much. You're alone, you're isolated, you're avoiding things you should be doing, you're wasting time and money, etc.

  2. I agree, Jaimes. Anything that detracts from a whole and healthy life would be a bad addiction.

    Like you said with God, I also agree. You can't get too much of Him, but could you end up isolating yourself in a church or your Bible, keeping you from spreading the very thing you're absorbed in? Sure.

  3. I read a book "Healthy Addictions," one time, turns out nothing is a healthy addiction and that does include my reading to the point of exhaustion and no I am never stopping it because it is the only one I have, and I love doing it. I love going overboard with reading. Wow. Didn't know that! Thanks!!


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