Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Clear and Cold

Several of the goodies I'd ordered on Black Friday arrived today. A shiny, hot pink bag of freebies from Bath and Body Works has me longing for a hot bath, but alas. It's late, and I should just close this laptop and roll over.

Reading On the Nature of Human Romantic Interaction for my book club meeting this Saturday. It's good, but a little... what's the word? Academic. Yeah, that's it. But, you know, well done academic.

Trying to decide if I'm going over the river and through the woods this Christmas to mom's. It's just such a long drive and a big chunk of our vacation. And yet, how hollow those weeks would be without my sisters and my parents.

They're forecasting flurries. I could pretend to be upset and grumble about the cold, but I'm just too excited for pretense.

Bring on the snow, my breath visible in the air. I'm ready for the clarity of cold.


  1. I shuddered a little just reading this. The cold scares me. Especially if it's cold enough to snow. And flurries? Forget about it. I need jackets when it dips below 70 degrees down here.

    How's your writing coming along?

  2. We're not going to my grandmas for Christmas this year. Just immediately family. I'm incredibly sad.

  3. Over the river will be fun... don't even think of saying "no".


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