Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Finds: Writing

I got exactly four hours of sleep last night-- the quarter ends next week for one of the colleges at which I teach, while the other is on semester and will go to Dec. 11. Needless to say, I'm grading like a madwoman, as the college expects final grades to be turned in before noon on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Apparently, we lowly adjunct profs don't deserve a Thanksgiving.

Who's bitter?

But enough about my non-bitterness. On to the websites:

For agents, you can't beat Nathan Bransford. Other agents have blogs with occasional interesting material, but he makes his blog about writers, writing, and the business of publishing. Good stuff.

For the actual, sitting-down-to-write motivational stuff, there's Write or Die by Dr. Wicked. Great for NaNoWriMo or just vomiting that first draft up onto paper. I also like this site, though it gets a little too syrupy-let's-hold-hands toward the end. Still, good for when you're feeling like giving up or have recently experienced a harsh rejection or review.

And, even if you're not that into writing, I think you might enjoy the snark and smooth voice of THE INTERN. She gives great advice with wit and verve.

And that wraps it up. My favorite sites, now saved for posterity.

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  1. Nathan Bransford just posted about what he's learned about writing from reality TV. Dang, he beat me to it.


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