Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blog the First

So I know hardly anyone reads this -- *waves to the two of you* -- and I find I never have anything to say, so...

I'm going to write toward some themes. Some ideas I have so far: Poetry Mondays (especially bad/cheesy poetry or really good found poetry, or my own stuff), Rant Wednesdays, and Things You Should Know/See/Read Fridays.

Because I like having a blog and I, like many of my students, lack direction. Often, if you fix the focus, you fix the essay, short story, novel, or blog.

So. We'll see. Tomorrow is Rant Wednesday. :D (I have a feeling the ranting will be the easiest day...)

Also, I'm over here now.


  1. Why did you move? Haha, I can ask you that in person. :) I like the topics.

  2. I think I told you about this one-- I've had it for months, wanted to be sure I got the gmail name, and the blogger account sort of came with it. Plus, I hate my old blog, and I want to change things up, so what better way?

    Just saw Star Trek. Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVED the black holes/alternate universe/ time travel thing. Loved that the original Spock was in it. Basically loved the whole thing. I've always had a bit of a crush on Spock, and this didn't help matters, haha.

  3. I told you you'd love it.

    Okay, how HOT is Spock when he's with his mom. SO HOT. That's how hot. And when you first see him as an adult, he's like spouting off answers to a test or something. And in front of the Vulcan high command. When he smirks. Mmmmm.


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