Monday, November 30, 2009

Bad Poetry Monday

I'm tempted to troll xanga and pull something about suicide, roses, and cutting, but that would probably be wrong. So I scoured my own old xanga, and the results were just as hilarious.

However, reading over my old stomping grounds reminded me that I used to be passionate about writing, even the little blogs I slapped down daily. I'm going to quit trying so hard and write like I used to here, when the moment feels right, when the words are forcing their lettered little legs out of my mouth.

Like this dramatic little bit:

I'm porcelain, I'm breakable
Whenever I'm with you
I'm china patterned delicate
Floral white and blue.

Even the shade of your words,
[Every syllable matters]
Can make me smile and laugh,
Or leave me broken, shattered.
~Copyright me
~I miss the codes and lyrics here~
--back they come--


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